About George M. Davison

It All Started With An Idea.

Young, green and a recent college graduate in 1986, George Davison was a man with a plan. He had big ideas; revolutionary ones. One was to prevent toothbrush germs from spreading and getting everyone in his family sick. After spending more than two years and nearly every dime he had trying to bring his idea to life, a major corporation beat him to the market with the same idea.

That corporation beat him to the punch because they had a method for building new products quickly and a way to get them to the market. Why didn't Idea People like Mr. Davison have access to a similar process; an affordable idea to product method like the one major corporations used?

It was at that moment that Mr. Davison saw a need... and necessity is the mother of invention. He needed everything under one roof to invent his products in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. He needed to be able to compete.

Mr. Davison dreamed of creating a new method that would benefit future generations of Idea People. It took years of experimentation to figure out the best means to affordably transform ideas into products. He had failures and successes that led him to the best approach. Eventually, he found a method that worked.

It took our founder more than two decades to develop an invention method that would forever change how product ideas... become actual products. Then, Entrepreneur Magazine dubbed him a "Creative Genius," and the rest is history.