Products Featured on "Inventionland":

The Beat Belt as featured on Inventionland

The Beat Belt

The Beach Cooler as featured on Inventionland

The Beach (Shade) Cooler

The Hover Creeper as featured on Inventionland

The Hover Creeper


Come build your idea with us and tour America's largest invention factory... Inventionland! Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Inventionland is one part assembly line, one part high-tech lab and one part theme park. This bustling 2.5 acre creative campus is a "magnet for inventors with a dream."

Truly a place where ideas come to life, Inventionland receives thousands of new product ideas each month from hopeful, prospective inventors and corporate clients alike. Taking those ideas through an intricate process, that includes designing, prototyping and packaging, Inventionland creationeers produce about 150 new prototypes monthly.

Our products have sold in over 1,000 stores, including:

Timelapse video of the building of Inventionland.